New writings on Brand Marketing Blog

New writings on Brand Marketing Blog

It has been a busy month for me on Brand Marketing Blog. I have been learning and sharing my knowledge of branding:

Why Brand Marketing Works

I reviewed why brand marketing works so effectively: we are biologically set to form reputations, relationships and associations from our evolution to survive. We use these same processes to guide purchasing decisions in the modern world.

Review of Brand Seduction

I read and reviewed Brand Seduction by Daryl Weber. This book talks about the science of branding and how neuroscience and psychology can help us make better decisions as marketers. I gave this book my highest recommendation.

Changing business models with a brand.

In this article, I review how Walmart wants to strategically realign their brand to focus more on online sales and purchased to get them back into the race with Amazon for mass merchandise supremacy.

Daryl Weber Interview

I had a thoughtful chat with Daryl Weber, author of Brand Seduction, about how neuroscience and psychology can influence how we go about brand marketing.

Definition of Brand Equity

I defined brand equity and used Apple as an example of how brand equity is part of the value of a company’s market cap.

The Compounding Effect of Brand

In this article, I talk about how the primary effect of branding is compounded because positive brand associations lead to positive experiences, which strengthens those positive brand associations. It is a virtuous cycle. It can also go the other way where negative brand associations can lead to poor experiences, which is a negative brand spiral.

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