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New on BMB: What makes a good logo?

In a new article published on Brand Marketing Blog, I go into the factors that makes a logo good vs. bad. What makes a good logo? The factors that make a logo good: Distinct Simple Appropriate Striking Legally Protectable The factors that make a logo bad: Generic Complex Awkward Bland Read more…

Graphic Design

How the perception of fonts affect logos

I published an article on Brand Marketing Blog about how different font types are perceived, and how this can be leveraged in logo design to change the perception of the brand. What your logo font says about your brand. Link: Infographic I also created an infographic that summarizes it. Enjoy:


In Store Photo Blitz

One of the nicest things about designing for the merchandising industry is seeing the fruits of your labour in store. Most of these pictures are from in store, but all of these (and many others) displays were mass produced. These were the displays I found in store and shot with Read more…

This is a graph for Smoke FX that shows the decline in teen smoking in the last 2 decades.
Graphic Design

Smoke FX infographics

These are two of 18 graphics that I produced for Smoke FX that were published as homework aids for high school students doing projects on smoking as part of the Canadian high school curriculum. I did this as part of my freelance work with FireBrand Creative.