Colin Finkle
VCard Resume Work experience Graphic and Industrial Designer
Graphic and Industrial Designer

Graphic and Industrial Designer

Matrix Marketing

[Burlington, Ontario]
Designed concepts for permanent and corrugate displays using sketching and 3D CAD (Solidworks.) Graphic design of print materials for entertainment clients. Responsible for company blog.

• Signed a revenue top client (Ubisoft) by pitching novel concepts that spoke to their properties.
• Furthered relationship with Ubisoft by designing standees referred to by client as “just perfect.”
• Won bid for Batman Arkham City Canadian retail rollout by designing novel concepts.
• Increased efficiency of design department by introducing sketching an a concept visualization too.
• Decreased time to market and increased production quality by introducing Solidworks.
• Decreased the production cost of a corrugate display by over 50% reducing number of corrugate sheets per display and using 82% of what remained.

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