First Design Blog Post

Hello my friends and readers,

This is the first post in the new blog section of my website. This section will be for my thoughts and lessons about design and marketing, and where they intersect: branding.

Branding is one of my favourite topics to write about. I believe it is the single greatest benefit for a company from practicing good design. Branding is where a company can cash in the good will that comes from the good experience of using a well designed product; a user has to associate that good experience with a brand, and be able to recognize that brand the next time they make a purchase. In designing retail displays for great companies like Philips, Ubisoft, Bic and others, I help them convert on the positive experiences and relationship they have built with their users / customers. To use an industry term, cash in on their brand equity.

Because I am so passionate about branding, I am going to migrate some of the more successful and helpful posts from my branding blog: FireBrand Creative. The first posts you see in this section will be from their, but everything else will be original content for

Looking forward to talking to you more in 2012!

Colin Finkle

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