Technology Innovation — Trends and Opportunities

Technology is going at an amazing speed. We are living in a remarkable age where things such as autonomous cars, personalized medicine, and quantum computing are getting to be real as we talk. Artificial Intelligence, crypto-currencies, innovative automation, profound learning, and theories like Universal Basic Income are going to reshape our planet — what a fascinating age to live in!

The years ahead will deliver remarkable technological breakthroughs using a huge effect on our own lives, markets, and societies. Within our connected planet, together with the unprecedented degree of information, knowledge, and ideas trade, innovation is occurring constantly, in scale, and in a number of forms. It’s driven by companies, covert labs, universities, startups, research scientists, or even just by tens of thousands of creative people throughout the world.

It’s not possible to outline the trends of technology and opportunities for invention in one article.
Rather, I’m listing below the areas that I find most fascinating to see — the many promising advancements in the broader information technology spectrum. This is my list:

1. Artificial Intelligence
Everyone is speaking about Artificial Intelligence nowadays. And in many cases, the subject is coated with exaggerations and hype. Luckily, the general A.I. advancement and the speed of the inherent technological invention easily accomplishes this hype. Think about the progress attained in areas such as Deep Learning and regions like Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing.

Computer eyesight is making substantial steps, with enormous programs in autonomous cars, navigation, robotics, pattern recognition, medical diagnosis, and much more. Language Recognizing has made enormous progress too — lately attained the levels of human comprehension — Microsoft reports a word error rate of 5.9percent that’s equivalent to human performance on precisely the exact same input.

2. Natural User Interfaces
It is about smooth adventures: voice-driven interactions — not just voice controls but more innovative, natural dialogues and types of communication combining many signs in purposeful, compact experiences.

Picture being on your smart house, requesting your digital aid to’supply more information relating to this’, where’ that’ is solved automatically from the Digital Assistant, utilizing gaze analytics through cameras that are connected. In this manner, your Digital Assistant knows what you’re looking at if you asked this question.

Afterward, with object detection calculations, concludes on the category of objects that’ describes, to empower a natural and smart reply and a purposeful conversation advancement.

3. Digital Reality
The virtual reality (VR) technology is currently exploding. So are the chances for advanced experiences, use-cases, and goods. Content production for VR is a fantastic chance with important startup activity globally. VR startups are operating across several domains and business situations, such as E-commerce, gambling, social programs, learning and education, healthcare, online VR environments, and much more. The upcoming few years will deliver remarkable progress on most of VR hardware, programs, and VR content.

4. Augmented Reality
Augmented reality is what we get when physical and digital worlds mix into one encounter. Normal examples are Microsoft HoloLens and Google Glass. Again, this can be a place which will grow quickly since the chance for innovation is infinite: articles encounters, articles discovery, information mining and visualizations, smart and contextual thing annotation, lively physical universe discovery and mapping, industrial programs such as field employees — are only a few examples of the software that will empower the ways people know our planet.

5. Analytics and Visualization
Data accessibility has exploded modern businesses have access to huge amounts of complex information, both internal and out of the public domain. The width and depth of information available need new tactics to outline, picture, and present information. Novel methods to experience insights and data could involve smart interactive synopsis and’data navigation’ methods, VR and AR adventures, voice-driven insights detection, and personalized information mining’ scenarios. I really do believe there are new techniques to visually navigate and comprehend data, find and explore hidden structures, tendencies, and patterns.

6. Blockchain
Blockchain is among the most disruptive technologies on the market. Its dispersed, decentralized, and immutable properties allow it to be the perfect way to store and monitor information across multiple domains and use instances.

I visit important new programs and reserve situations beyond crypto-currencies and fin-tech. Startups happen to be working on novel theories that make sense to leverage blockchain. In the years to come, a few of these can disrupt social, authorities, as well as political aspects of our planet — such as here is a concept on the way best to leverage blockchain and relevant technologies such as IPFS to establish the foundation for solving the Fake News issue.

7. Robotics
Robots are here, in 1 kind or another. Irrespective of the specific course — humanoids, nano-robots, industrial, military, etc — that the progress is remarkable. On the other hand, it’s the advances concerning hardware, detectors, and functioning applications; on the flip side, it’s the advancement of Artificial Intelligence that makes it feasible to incorporate cognitive solutions and radically increase Robot’s capacities for real-time decision making.

In the not too distant future, we’ll begin to meet robots with proactive behaviors, innovative context knowledge, able to accommodate human opinion, enforce’personalities’ and communicating styles.