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Colin Finkle writing in a Moleskine notebook

I am venturing into published books, both fiction and non fiction. I have been writing non fiction articles and editorials since 2003 and have been fortunate enough to have a successful marketing blog and fortunate enough to have my writing picked up by media outlets like the IDSA newsletter, AMD’s FireUser.com and the Carleton University paper.

I have been writing fiction for a few years and am now at a point where things are going to be published. I have written and illustrated some prose novels written for a young adult audience. From a design standpoint, it has always been a dream because a) my skills as a designer help me visualize scenes exceptionally well, and b) I can design anything because I am unburdened by constraints like, oh, the laws of physics.

It has been fun, and I hope you join me on the ride by purchasing the books below.

The Neverborn Saga illustration for the book series. Krys Evergale standing over a cliff

The Neverborn Saga

The Neverborn Saga is a young adult book series in the sci-fi genre. It looks at space travel through the lens of our history during the seafaring age; european citizens ex-patriated to the seas in search of the true financial and spiritual freedom. They found bountiful times and hard times, revels and hard work, privateers and pirates. No matter what was in store for them they always found plenty of drama and swashbuckle.

In the setting of the Neverborn Saga, the worlds of the galaxy lost their ability to travel between star systems, isolating them all. Krys Evergale is a special resident of one of the more important planets in the history of the galaxy: Ong. The planet Ong was the intellectual, philosophical and moral centre of the universe. Krys’ mother spontaneously and mysteriously takes ill. When it is clear Krys is the only one who can truly see what is ailing her mother, she finds herself on the outside of her community. What happens when you go against such an important and self righteous society? She finds that the community she called home is something completely different than she thought it was, something unimaginable.

For a more in depth introduction into The Neverborn Saga, please read this article on the official web page.

The official Neverborn Saga web page
The Neverborn Saga Facebook page
The Neverborn Saga Twitter feed
The Neverborn Saga email newsletter


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