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New on BMB: Veblen Goods

Some types of products and some brands defy the laws of economics and can charge whatever they want. Something that fascinated me about branding is that some brands would be able to charge whatever they want. Some brands were known to be expensive, and people bought their products because of Read more…

Colin’s Opinions on the Smart Speaker Designs of 2018

https://brandmarketingblog.com/articles/design/top-minds-in-industrial-design-talk-smart-speakers/ I facilitated a group of the top industrial designers (Chadwick Harber, Nichole Rouillac, Grayson Byrd, Mika Becktor and Norio Fujikawa) to comment on the latest smart speaker designs. I chose smart speakers because the visual aesthetics are such an important part of the experience. These things are decorations as Read more…