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Unobstructed Podcast Ep 2 is out

Edward Cervantes and my podcast about business and culture is on it’s second episode. In this episode, Edward has his mind blown at the scale and growth of the Esports industry. I find it pretty crazy as well, but I knew about some of the numbers around the industry size and prize pools. Bottom line: esports is going to be as big as an industry as any of the franchise leagues for traditional sports are Read more…

New on BMB: 17 Examples of Sub-brands

Sub-brands are a powerful tool in the brand strategist’s utility belt. I recently wrote an article for BMB, Brand Marketing Blog, which talks about 17 exceptional examples of sub-brands. My favourite sub-brand example:Lenovo Legion The interesting thing about sub-brands is their effect. They change the perceptions and expectations of the parent brand. Used effectively, this can be advantageous to enter a new market where you have to talk to a different type of buyer than Read more…

My Favourite Example of Brand Essence

Monstercat is my favorite example of a brand with a well-defined Brand Essence. This week, I wrote an article for BMB with a bunch of examples of brand essence. Brand essence is the reliable feeling fans of a brand come to expect when they use products or see media from that brand. Every valuable brand has a well-defined brand essence; it is the most defensible part of brand equity. So which was my favourite brand Read more…

New on BMB: Mountain Sports Lifestyle Brand Name

In a new post on BMB, I go through the process of brainstorming names and announce the name for our snowboard / ski lifestyle brand. 259 names brainstormed 259 names considered 1 name chosen   Generating a Company Name That Fits The Ski Lifestyle https://brandmarketingblog.com/articles/branding-how-to/naming-a-lifestyle-brand/ You can have a good company with a bad name, but it’s growth will be inhibited. A name is an opportunity to signal what your brand is about; in this Read more…

New on BMB: What makes a good logo?

In a new article published on Brand Marketing Blog, I go into the factors that makes a logo good vs. bad. What makes a good logo?https://brandmarketingblog.com/articles/design/what-makes-a-good-logo/ The factors that make a logo good: Distinct Simple Appropriate Striking Legally Protectable The factors that make a logo bad: Generic Complex Awkward Bland Indefensible Does your logo hold up to these standards? If not, contact me.

New on BMB: Lifestyle Brand Plan

A strategy is the best position for success, and tactics are how you plan to get from where you are to that ideal strategic position. How do you create a plan to build a lifestyle brand? Work backward. You may not have the domain knowledge to know every step. Ask your suppliers and hire consultants. Write action-oriented steps; resources and timing will come later. This can be overwhelming work so take your time.

New on BMB: Product Titles and Customer Expectations

A product label is what you name your product in to communicate to customers what they are buying. The product label sets the customer’s expectations.

Some industries have set product labels that rank in a hierarchy, e.g., motel, hotel, resort. Marketers can add adjectives to product labels that modify expectations, e.g., performance tires.

Setting an expectation and not meeting it in reality damages a brand. It is common sense that delivering a level lower than expected is harmful, but it is also wrong to deliver a higher level. People are most comfortable when they receive what they were expecting, and a higher level of service is not repeatable because it becomes a new standard. Instead, we want to aim to meet expectations plus add elements of surprise and delight. Just be honest with your product labels.

How the perception of fonts affect logos

I published an article on Brand Marketing Blog about how different font types are perceived, and how this can be leveraged in logo design to change the perception of the brand. What your logo font says about your brand. Link: https://brandmarketingblog.com/articles/design/what-your-logo-font-says-about-your-brand/ Infographic I also created an infographic that summarizes it. Enjoy: