A Tale of Two Packages

Awhile ago, two products entered my life in grand style. The two products have changed my life; I use them both independently nearly every day. The two products both greatly improved the experiences of the activities they facilitate. But most important for this blog post, the two products were excellently packaged. The two products were the Monster Beats Studio headphones and the Kindle e-book reader (6″, Fourth Generation). These are both very well designed products Read more…

Photo of Robert Deluce, Porter Airlines CEO, standing in front of the wing of a Porter Airlines plane

Interview: Robert Deluce, Porter Airlines CEO

Porter Airlines has been a luminary in branding for me for the 5 years I have been using their services. Porter Airlines get people to and from downtown Toronto, flying out of Billy Bishop Airport on Toronto Island off the Lake Ontario coast of downtown. They have had some challenges (not being able to put a bridge to the airport, Air Canada returning to Billy Bishop, the construction of an ambitious new terminal) but Porter Read more…


Xbox 360 Elite design review

Microsoft unveiled their new Xbox design at the 2010 E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), the gaming convention. The new hardware is packed with a 250 GB drive, and Wifi (a long time coming.) But what I want to focus on is what is on the outside. The old design was done by the industrial design / branding firm Astro Studios; a firm I am a fan of and take inspiration from. I don’t know if they deigned this case as Read more…


Borrowing Brand Associations

I came across another company benefiting from the brand associations of another brand. We talked about this in regards to the Hyundai Genesis badge being similar to the Bentley, and Genesis benefiting from all of the luxury associations that come with positioning them selves closely with Bentley from a graphic standpoint. Well this one is cross industry. The logo for Heys luggage has the same old coat of arms design as Porsche. Porsche has the broader Read more…


People adopt the personality of the brands they use

People have relationship with brands not only because of what they offer with their product or service, but also how being a part of that brand makes them feel. Brands that have strong personalities are the ones that capitalize on this. Whether this is the fun, playful, young-hearted Disney brand, or the macho, competitive, manly brand of UFC. People feel they have the personality traits of the brand they are using or affiliating themselves with. Read more…


Leveraging complimentary brand’s associations

You may have seen my Twitter post about the creative of the video for the Tom Tom iPhone app and car kit. What I liked about it was the associations it was creating between the Tom Tom brand and descriptors like urban, sophisticated, simple, worry free, elegant and future thinking. But then I realized why the associations were so powerful. The music, brand elements and the 3D road projected from the iPhone were inspired by Read more…


First Design Blog Post

Hello my friends and readers, This is the first post in the new blog section of my website. This section will be for my thoughts and lessons about design and marketing, and where they intersect: branding. Branding is one of my favourite topics to write about. I believe it is the single greatest benefit for a company from practicing good design. Branding is where a company can cash in the good will that comes from Read more…


In Store Photo Blitz

One of the nicest things about designing for the merchandising industry is seeing the fruits of your labour in store. Most of these pictures are from in store, but all of these (and many others) displays were mass produced. These were the displays I found in store and shot with my handy iPhone. Sony HD World was the first retail display that I worked on, and to this day one of the most interesting. I Read more…

Graphic Design

Totally Rad Show background 1

One of my favorite things about the internet is that is has democratized media. One of the gems that have come out of that new media is The Totally Rad Show. At no other point in history could 3 guys with a camera, a garage and entertaining things to say reach so many people. The Totally Rad Show is a a daily podcast by Revision 3 that features commentary on movies, video games, and television Read more…

This is a graph for Smoke FX that shows the decline in teen smoking in the last 2 decades.
Graphic Design

Smoke FX infographics

These are two of 18 graphics that I produced for Smoke FX that were published as homework aids for high school students doing projects on smoking as part of the Canadian high school curriculum. I did this as part of my freelance work with FireBrand Creative.