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In Store Photo Blitz

One of the nicest things about designing for the merchandising industry is seeing the fruits of your labour in store. Most of these pictures are from in store, but all of these (and many others) displays were mass produced. These were the displays I found in store and shot with my handy iPhone. Sony HD World was the first retail display that I worked on, and to this day one of the most interesting. I Read more…

Totally Rad Show background 1

One of my favorite things about the internet is that is has democratized media. One of the gems that have come out of that new media is The Totally Rad Show. At no other point in history could 3 guys with a camera, a garage and entertaining things to say reach so many people. The Totally Rad Show is a a daily podcast by Revision 3 that features commentary on movies, video games, and television Read more…