How to Make Snapchat Premium and Earn Lot of Money 2022

Tutorial How to Get Snapchat Premium and Earn Lot of Money Finkle

Finkle – How to Get Snapchat Premium Account! If we know when someone sets their account as premium Snapchat, they can set their own privacy on their premium account. He can only share his pictures with his selected friends. This is a kind of normal and regular Snapchat account, so you can set your work to be private.

How to Make Snapchat Premium Account? Many people often think about creating a premium account and making money. How do people make money from it? Snapchat is often used to send intimate photos.

How to make Snapchat become premium?

To Get Snapchat premium app first you need to make premium Snapchat account for many reasons, such as sharing business data. Simply put, we charge and get money from viewers for the premium part of Snapchat.

How to set up snapchat premium?

  1. First you need to install Snapchat on your device from any App Store or Play Store.  
  2. Set your username on the application. 
  3. Go in settings and set all you’re setting. Then go into the story setting and set the story view setting to my friends only that who can see your story. Next, go to your contact settings and set them to those whom you want them to message you. In this way, your account is on the Premium setting and you can share content with those, with whom you want to share. Then you can charge a premium for your shared post. It is now up to you how much you charge for your post.calculate a premium for your shared post. How much you pay for postage is up to you.

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How can you use a Premium Snapchat account?

A premium snapchat is just like a regular Snapchat account, you don’t need any other app to use a snapchat premium account. You have to set your privacy setting and payment, and those who want to see your private content will pay you. Many celebrities have used this account and in return have paid for shared mail.

Snapchat Premium Account Users

What is snapchat premium? Premium users and regular users are the same users. Because the same Snapchat platform and app are used by regular users. But the only thing that has changed is the privacy settings. Regular users can also become premium users if they change their privacy settings.

Benefit of the premium user part

The concept allows users to earn money and get benefits from snapchat premium and from your snap photos. Yes, with Premium Snapchat account allow you to keep your content private and only show it to the people you want to see. And that is the purpose and reasons behind premium Snapchat. So user have pay you money to look into your private photos.

How do we get access to Premium Snapchat?

So how do we get access to a premium snapchat account. The answer is if we want to see the contents of the premium account. We pay them first and then we get to the account easily. How do we pay for a premium Snapchat account?

Install Snapchat Premium App Mod 2022

So there are many different ways to pay for premium Snapchat accounts.

Theres 2 Method of payment  :

So there are many other ways we can pay premium bills. This transaction goes directly to the account holder’s account. And the premium account holder shows their value for this fee. There is no guarantee how long you will have access. This is Snapchat’s policy.

  1. PayPal
  2. MoneyGram

Install Snapchat From PlayStore

Install Snapchat From AppStore

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Premium Snapchat app is better than the regular?

The answer is there’s no difference between a premium account owner and an regular account only changing the normal privacy policy. So if you put a privacy policy in your settings, you will also become a user who has a premium account.

2 How to  cancel Premium Snapchat Account?

You will need to log out of your premium account if you wish. Deleting or closing the app does not automatically cancel it. Here it is necessary to cancel it properly.

To cancel Premium Snapchat Feature;

For iPhone users

To renew or cancel your subscription, open your iPhone and go to:

  • Settings
  • iTunes and AppStore
  • Click on Apple ID (top of page)
  • See Apple ID
  • Sign in to iTunes
  • Here you can view and manage all your subscriptions and create and cancel any account subscriptions. For Android

For Android

To change or cancel your subscription, 

  • Open the Play Store.
  • Go to the main menu 
  • Open Account 
  • Subscriptions 
  • Sleep cycle 
  • and you can manage your subscriptions as well as cancel any account if you wish.

Install Snapchat Premium App Mod 2022


How to Make Snapchat Account Become Premium? So in this article we will look at how to get our snapchat premium account. And how to used it. A premium account is created by editing your settings, then sharing content and paying.