LG Retail Displays for Television

LG TV Wall as it would be in a Best Buy. Design by Colin Finkle. White frame with gark grey backgrounds. TVs have pictures of parrots to show off colour. © 2015 matrix marketing concepts inc. All rights reserved.

As part of Matrix MCI, I worked on two separate opportunities for two separate third party companies to effectively merchandise LG televisions. The first (pictured below) was to show off their ultra high end OLED TVs in Best Buy, Future Shop, … Continue reading

Philips AVENT section in Babies ‘R’ Us

ColinFinkle_AVENT_Solidworks_Rendering © 2013 matrix marketing concepts inc. All rights reserved.

Philips approached Matrix MCI with a new marketing strategy for AVENT in their most important channel: Babies ‘R’ Us. They wanted to test the concept of a branded section organized by baby’s age in two stores across Ontario and Quebec, … Continue reading

Ubisoft Ghost Recon: Future Soldier floor

Ghost Recon temporary floor display - by Colin Finkle © 2011 matrix marketing concepts inc. All rights reserved

This is a floor display that I did for Matrix MCI to successfully pitch Ubisoft. It features the Ghost Recon: Future Solider game using concept art. The Tom Clancy Ghost Recon series has always been about stealth; covert assassin teams … Continue reading

In Store Photo Blitz

Colin Finkle Portfolio - In Store Blitz © 2011 . All rights reserved.

One of the nicest things about designing for the merchandising industry is seeing the fruits of your labour in store. Most of these pictures are from in store, but all of these (and many others) displays were mass produced. These … Continue reading